Junior Editor

  • Assisting the Editor in keeping the websites updated and coordinating among our partner organizations
  • Regularly post and create content for our social media accounts to promote our work and website’s contents
  • Efficiently run our multiple social media accounts to boost traffic and followers.
  • Assist in developing and sending invitations for events and drafting press releases for news media packages for our media events, webinars, seminars, study/report launches
  • Liaising with social media practitioners for the development and publication of Facebook and Instagram posts, podcasts, blogs and v-logs
  • Liaising with journalists working in the mainstream news media for the coverage of our events and for specialized news content creation
  • Assist the Editor in running the journalism fellowship program
  • Assist the Editor in running partnerships with news organizations
  • Editing/reviewing/revising/rewriting research reports, research papers, policy/project briefs
  • Prepare and disseminate weekly and six-monthly media monitors
  • Those possessing a year of experience in journalism and/or communications will be preferred. Please submit your resume along with a writing sample or a published article at info@priedpk.org before September 22, 2023.